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SYSU holds 2017 Spring Work Conference
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Pharmacology experts awarded 2016 CNPHARS-Servier Prize
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Hand-painted Illustrations of Human Anatomy: Unveiling the Truth of Life with Science and Art
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SYSU MEDebate competition
SYSU MEDebate competition was held last weekend, 28th-29th May in SYSU North Campus. This competition was pioneered and organised by 2 MBBS students, Vyshnav…
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May 9At 10:30-12:00
Frontiers in Medical Sciences Lecture-329-Mechanistic Insights into MCR-1/2 Colistin Resistance
Detail >>Venue:Room Boji, Science Building, Zhongshan School of Medicine
Frontiers in Medical Sciences Lecture-328-Tropical parasitosis in USA
Detail >>Venue:Room Boai, Science Building, Zhongshan School of Medicine
Apr 16at 15:00
Frontiers and Applications of Blockchain
Detail >>Venue:Boji Conference Room, 15th Floor, Science and Technology Building, North Campus, SYSU
April.911:00 am
Frontiers in Medical Sciences Lecture-327-Klotho protects against renal fibrosis and cardiovascular diseases in CKD
Detail >>Venue:Room 601, Science Building, Zhongshan School of Medicine